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Find out everything about your target users needs/frustrations

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Identify current obstacles which prevent you from getting highest possible ROI

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Empower you with best methods, infrastructure and tools for overcoming all challenges


UX Essentials

  • Dedicated Product Review
  • Specified guidelines
  • Fresh Perspective
  • Quick turnaround

Starts from: $2,000

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UX Research

  • User Journey Map
  • User Personas
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing

starts from $20k

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UX & Design

  • UX Research Deliverables (optional)
  • Awesome Design
  • Effective Prototype
  • Style Guide

starts from $15k

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Why UX Zone?

Why would we want to help?

We believe that people deserve to live in UX perfect world. Since it can’t be changed immediately, we decided to take one step at the time. One of these steps is UX zone – here everyone gets the chance to shape their products perfectly. And get the most out of them.

What do we know about UX anyways?

We’re a bit obsessed with innovative ways for improving UX! Until this moment, we shared two of our custom made UX services with the community: KonceptApp & UsabilitySquare. Also, we managed to prove it through numerous projects realized together with or for our clients.

Why should I care about UX at all?

Because there is no good reason to neglect it! If your product satisfies your user’s needs, you’ll soon enjoy the increase of conversion rates, user engagement, loyalty score and revenue – to name a few. Thinking about UX early on saves you a lot of resources down the road.

Why do I need UX consultancy?

If you’re as other product creators, then you’re more or less in love with your product. That is why you may easily miss noticing where and how it can be improved. This is where neutral and professional perspective makes all the difference.

Still think you don’t need to worry about UX?

The $300 Million Button The $12 Million Data Field

Product Development

Do you need help with development of your product? We got you covered for the entire process of product development – from idea to final product.

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